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Tempra Cold Care Commercial 1989

Gain Detergent Commercial 2003

Drive In Classics Channel Promo 2002

Crest Toothpaste Commercial 1994

Silhouette Yogurt Commercial 2003

Minute Maid Commercial 1994

2002 Toyota Sienna Commercial

PAI Hair Replacement Commercial Early 2000s

Huggies Supreme Early 2000s

The New VR Star Trek Promo Early 2000s

CBS Detroit Promo 2005

The Brick Commercial 2005

Party like it's 1999!

Neosporin Commercial 1991

Hy Grade Steel Roofing Commercial 1998

Solo by Bell Commercial Early 2000s

Bravo Channel ID 2005

Gillette Power Stripe Commercial Early 2000s

The Brick Commercial 1989

Neutra Air Commercial 2003

Pampers Cruisers Early 2000s

Excel Gum Commercial 2003

2003 Acrura RSX Type S Commercial

Honda Commercial 2007

Lipton Soup Commercial 2003

Channers Clothing (London Ontario) Commercial 2005

Labatt Blue Commercial 2002

OnTV (CHCH) Movies Bumper 1998

Real Rock Infomercial 1991

The New RO Wheelchair Relay Promo 2003

Aiways Commercial Early 2000s

The Sleep Shop Commercial 1989

Skittles Commercial 2003

President's Choice Commercial 2002

Daddy Day Care Commercial 2003

Tonight's the Night Music Compilation 1989

Brand Power Commercial 2007

The New Pl (CFPL) New Day Promo 2005

2002 Suzuki Commercial

Old Spice Commercial 1989

Powerbar Pria Commercial 2005

Global PopStars Commercial 2003

The Originals - Citytv 1990

Factory Shoe Commercial 2003

The Keg Commercial 2003

Goodnights Underwear Commercial 2006

Westjet Commercial 2003

Goodyear Tires Commercial 1986

Fixodent Commercial 2003

CHCH Golf Intro Early 2000s

eHarmony Commercial 2007

ITV Television South ID UK 1988

Home Hardware Commercial 2003

Subway Commercial 2003

Citytv Ident Early 2000s

White Rose Commercial Early 2000s

Tilex Commercial 2003

Hakim Optical Commercial 2002

Gatorade Commercial 2001

New6Ottawa The New RO April 2003

IAMS Cat Food Commercial 2003

Arrid Deodorant Commercial 1994

Always Commercial 2003

The Brick Commercial 2002

Ontario Government Hydro Rates PSA 2002