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Tim Hortons Commercial 2006

Century 21 Commercial 1995

Bounty Commercial 2003

WGRZ News Promo 1995

Tang Commercial 1991

Citytv Ident Early 2000s

Kendall Oil Commercial 1995

The New RO (CHRO) Station ID Early 2000s

Secret Ultra Dry 1995

Telephone dating (1-976-1313) Commercial 1998

Ontario Apples Commercial Early 2000s

2002 Hyndai Sonata

Pro Golf Commercial Early 2000s

Casino Rama Commercial 2002

First Night Watertown Commercial 2003

IGA Commercial Early 2000s

Chips Ahoy Commercial 1995

Lipton Pasta and Sauce Commercial 1998

CBC TV Life and Times Promo 1999

Lonestar Promo Early 2000s

Tim Hortons Commercial Early 2000s

Reels On New RO Bumper 2000

Polaroid Joycam Commercial Early 2000s

LensCrafters Commercial 2003

Weight Loss PSA Early 2000s

AOL Canada Commercial 2002

Sealy Mattress Commercial Early 2000s

Sarnia Lambton Tourism Commercial 2005

1999 General Motors Commercial

Klondike Bar Commercial Early 2000s

Goodnites Commercial Early 2000s

TVO Conversations with Shelagh Promo 1998

Tide Commercial 1994

Ontario Easter Seals Telethon Segment 1990s

CHCH TV Ident Early 2000s

Learnet Technology Institute 2000

Rogers Cable 1999

Bell Teleplus Commercial 1994

USA Freedom Corps PSA 2003

BBS Movie Bumper 1996

Ren and Stimpy Promo Citytv 1993

Labatt Wildcat Beer Commercial 1998

Wackid Stereo Commercial 1995

Alka-Seltzer Plus Commercial Early 2000s

Viagra Commercial Early 2000s

Johnstone Construction Commercial 2006

Nair Commercial 2005

LA Weight Loss Commercial 2006

McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog PSA 1986

Ringrose Denture Commercial 2000s

2002 Chevy Trailblazer Commercial

Marcel Belanger GM Commercial 2003

McDonald's Chicken Selects Commercial 2005

Lambden Window and Doors Commercial 2003

Hair Transplant Infomercial Late 1990s

CBC On The Web Commercial 1990s

Tropicana Orange Juice Commercial Early 2000s

Londonhouse Spa Commercial 2003

Swiffer Wet Commercial 2003

Michael Motors 2002