Late Night Infomercials - Ultramatic Beds with Gordie Tapp - Early 2000s


Recorded off-air in the early morning hours sometime in the early 2000s

Gordie and these beds were literally everywhere on late-night TV in Canada

Tapp studied at the Lorne Greene Academy of Radio Arts. He was the host for Main Street Jamboree, a radio program broadcast from Hamilton during the 1950s. Tapp later emceed the CBC television show Country Hoedown as well as The Performers, a series of shows featuring "up and coming" young Canadian talent.

He became a performer and writer for the CBS comedy-variety television show Hee Haw. Here he became an American TV star, becoming familiar as half of the stone-faced singing duo (with Archie Campbell) performing dozens of variations on "Pfft! You Were Gone" ("Where, Oh Where Are You Tonight?"). Tapp also played various recurring characters: hayseed Cousin Clem, pompous senator Samuel B. Sternwheeler, storekeeper Mr. Gordon, and Lavern Nagger, the forever put-upon husband of Ida Lee Nagger (Roni Stoneman).

In his later life, Tapp was the commercial spokesperson for the Ultramatic adjustable bed.

Tapp died in Burlington, Ontario on December 18, 2016, at the age of 94.


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